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Choosing The Right Piece

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Choosing The Right Piece


A piece of pottery is not just a piece of pottery. As each piece is made, it begins to take on its own personality. For example, look at George at the top right of this page. Now that's personality!

If you believe that any mug will do, then this is not the place for you.

There are some things to look for in a good piece of pottery.

  1. Hot = Light - If the piece is to hold hot items, such as a mug or a bowl, then the inside should be light colored. Just as dark clothing absorbs heat, dark glazes absorb heat, and if they're on the inside of your mug, then your drink will cool off faster than if you'd used a mug with a white interior.
  2. Hot = Narrow - If the piece is to hold hot items, it will perform it's function better if it's narrow at the top rather than wide. The less surface area that's exposed to the air, the longer it will take the contents to cool off.
  3. Flat Handles - A round handle on a mug is hard to hold. Handles that have a flat top or bottom are more comfortable.
  4. Size Does Matter - Make sure you're picking the right piece for its intended use. There's nothing more disheartening than falling in love with a piece of pottery and getting it home only to find out that it's too large for the place you intended to display it.

    Large bowls are great if you're going to be serving a lot of food, otherwise they just let the food cool off faster.
  5. Bowls That Flare Out Aren't Good For Serving - Think about it. You have a bowl full of peas on the dinner table. The bowl flares out at the top rather than being straight up or curved inward. As you scoop the peas with the serving spoon, what do they do? They follow the sides of the bowl. That means that rather than falling into the spoon, they fall out of the bowl and onto the table. If those peas had been served in a bowl that was straight or curved inward, those peas would be in the spoon and on your plate now, rather than all over the table waiting to be cleaned up.




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