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I'm Rod Wright, owner of Brick Road Creations. Welcome to my web site.

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My Mission

To create quality, affordable pottery while maintaining an enjoyable, professional atmosphere that is profitable and conducive to individual growth.

General Information

I began studying pottery in 2006, and quickly set up my own studio. Most of my work is created in porcelain and is usually wheel-thrown, but can also be extruded or hand built. All of my pieces are unique, not mass produced using slips and molds. Therefore, just like people, some pieces may not look "perfect", but then they weren't meant to be.

All of my creations are:

  • lead free

  • food safe

  • dishwasher safe

  • microwave safe

  • can be used in an oven if the oven is cold when the item is placed inside it

The exception to the above are those creations glazed using the Raku (Ra-ku) process. A Raku glaze firing is considered a low-fire process, and as such does not reach the higher temperatures required for the glaze to fully mature. Pieces created with this process are inherently not food safe and do not hold liquids. Safe to the touch yes, but not food safe. The chemicals in food have a way of making things leach out that shouldn’t be ingested. And we won’t talk about the fact that Raku began as part of an ancient Japanese Tea Ceremony. Let’s just say there are reasons we live longer today. Raku items are meant to be admired, not used. All Raku creations are clearly marked on this web site.

I began mixing some of my own glazes and experimenting with colorants in 2007. Links to some of my work are at left. Along with most items is the name of the glaze(s) used. If multiple glazes were used, the outside glaze is listed first followed by the inside glaze. If it's a glaze I created, it's name begins with "Rod's".

When you look at my pieces, you may notice that several pieces may have the same glaze but don't look the same. Many factors affect the way the glaze looks after it's been fired. Among them:

  • was the piece made from porcelain or stoneware

  • origin of the glaze ingredients

  • whether or not the glaze was well mixed when the piece was glazed

  • whether a thin coat or a heavier coat of glaze was used

  • placement of the piece in the kiln when it went through its glaze firing

  • the other pieces in the same vicinity during the glaze firing

Before making a purchase, make sure you check out Choosing The Right Piece.

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